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 OAGi Working Groups    

Welcome to the OAGi Working Groups page. The best way to engage with OAGi is to participate and/or lead a Working Group.

If you are interested in joining any of these Working Groups, or in starting a new Working Group, please write to us here

OAGi has a specific, repeatable development process that all of these Working Groups follow. It contains four phases: 

1.     Project Definition
Review and Approval
4.     Publication 

You can learn more about or development methodology here. 

Participation on Working Groups is a privilege of membership. If you are not already an OAGi member, you can learn more by clicking here.

OAGi Working Groups

Quality Content Working Group

The scope of this new Working Group includes 6 Nouns and a Component library donated by Pat O'Connor of Infor, a longtime Policy Board member.

The donated Nouns and Components the Working Group starts with include:

Corrective Action Plan

Defective Material Notice

Inspection Order

Quality Specification

Quality Test Master

Quality Test Result

Quality Components

The Working Group plans to review this donated content and revise and/or add to as deemed necessary.  Also, an inventory of existing quality content in OAGIS is also planned, with additions and revisions as deemed necessary.

The Policy Board has reviewed and approved this Working Group and we have members who have already signed on.

You can download the Project Definition to see if you are interested in joining the Working Group here We have not started meeting yet so you can be in at the beginning.

Semantic Refinement WG

The Working Group Chair for the Semantic Refinement WG is Serm Kulvatunyou from NIST.  The goal of the Working Group is to advance semantic precision of interface definitions exposing OAGIS. 

It plans to do this by developing an RDMS design to support the OAGIS Data Model so that OAGi can better:

  • Allow for import of OAGIS developer schemas
  • Allow for precise content contextualization
  • Implement a prototype, open source tool, which in addition to above requirements:
  • Allow for export of OAGIS contextualized standalone schema
  • Allow for import of OAGIS contextualized standalone schema

Smart Manufacturing WG – This Working Group is Co-Chaired by Nenad Ivezic of NIST and Conrad Leiva from iBASEt.

Scope:  To Develop a multi-tiered supply chain collaboration guideline and standard for engineered components to improve cost, quality, agility and more

Virtual Business Object WG

This Working Group is Chaired by Frank Heinrich from iBASEt.

ScopeFocus on identifying example business requirements,  processes, and use patterns, identifying  Object attributes or elements needed to support the processes.

  • Analyze  OAGIS Objects existing capability to support identified business requirements and processes
  • Identify  new attributes or elements needed to support identified business requirements and processes
  • Target limited examples of existing OAGIS Objects
  • Look at addressing the relationship between BODs
  • Does the solution need to be instance specific or some other method not yet defined?

Mobile, Cloud, and JSON Working Group

This Working Group is Chaired by Mike Rowell from Oracle.

The purpose of this Working Group is to explore ways that the OAGIS Specification and deliverables need to be updated to more fully enable Mobile Business, Cloud Computing, and support for JSON based instance expressions of the current Business Object Documents.

The Working Group may include but is not limited to the following:


·         JSON based instances of the OAGIS BODs

·         A JSON tool converter

·         JSON Naming and Design Rules similar to the current OAGIS XSD Naming and Design Rules

·         REST processing guide for OAGIS

·         Changes to the OAGIS BOD architecture to provide improved support for cloud-based processing.  For example, in the BOD Application Area.  This could include additions from the current UN/CEFACT Business Data Header project

·         Mobile Business Case Studies as examples

·         Working with Solution Providers to support OAGIS JSON based apps on mobile devices

·         OAGIS Apps for mobile devices from OAGi and its members


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