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OAGi and MESA sign MoU

September 18, 2014


To all OAGi Members and Friends:

We are pleased to announce that OAGi ( has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International (


MESA is a global community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders, and solution providers who are focused on driving business results from manufacturing information.


MESA helps members formulate strategies to turn plant-floor data into valuable knowledge to be used throughout the enterprise. The goal of MESA and MESA's Global Education Program (GEP) is to establish a global baseline of knowledge that will help everyone - manufacturers, producers, and solution providers alike.


The standards the MESA builds and supports include:

*           B2MML

*           BatchML

OAGi has worked with several of their key players over the years such as the B2MML/WBF Team and the Open O&M Collaboration, which consists of B2MML, ISA-95, Mimosa, and the OPC Foundation.


'We are pleased to move forward with this cooperative effort to improve standards for both manufacturing as well as the enterprise," said David Connelly, CEO of the Open Applications Group.  "We look forward to renewing our contacts with standards groups we have worked with in the past and also to pushing the envelope even further in this age of a renewed renaissance of manufacturing worldwide.

Thank you for your continued support of the work of OAGi.


Best regards,

David Connelly
CEO, Open Applications Group

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