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OAGi News for September 2016


Registration now open for OAGi Plenary November 17

Our next Plenary will be held Thursday, November 17 with Working Groups meeting on Friday morning, November 18.


  • Special Keynote Presentation from Oracle
  • Case Studies from OAGi members
  • OAGi Plenary Update on OAGi Activities
  • OAGi Working Group Reports

And more to come . . .

All meetings will take at Oracle's Conference Center in Redwood City, California.  You can learn more about the location of the meeting, hotel, get directions, and register for the meeting at the meeting page here.

Oracle Contributes EBO's to OAGi

We are very pleased to announce that Oracle has contributed their Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs) and associated IP to OAGi!

The Oracle EBOs are based on OAGIS BODs from a past release and no longer supported by Oracle so they contributed them to us to harmonize with the current version of OAGIS and preserve a technology path for EBO customers.  This also gives OAGi an opportunity to further improve OAGIS content and scope.

We take this as proof of Oracle's commitment to Open Standards.

Please join me in thanking Oracle and also please try to engage in our harmonization process to improve OAGIS.  The call for participation in this new Working Group has been sent to the membership.  Please let us know if you plan to participate.

Chem eStandards Release 5.4 Shipped

Chem eStandards 5.4 is backwardly compatible with all 5.X release levels.  It contains:

Numerous additions and changes for the Japanese chemical industry to support transition from JPCA-BP EDI to Chem eStandards for supply chain operations involving trading houses. Changes are defined to address the following messages:

§  OrderCreate

§  OrderResponse

§  OrderChange

§  Invoice

§  InvoiceResponse

§  PaymentDetail

§  CustomerSpecificCatalogUpdate

Implemented numerous additions and changes to support the North American agriculture industry, including:

§  Several code list additions

§  Added three new micronutrients to support fertilizer tonnage reporting

§  Added support for additional ingredient information required for product blends

§  Added support for additional product information in the PriceAndAvailabilityResponse message

§  Added additional elements to InventoryActualUsage

§  Addressed a few defects (no impact on backwards compatibility; no impact on instance documents

If you are a member of OAGi, we invite you to go to our website and login with your member userid.  Then you can go to the Members Only part of the website to download your free Edition of Chem eStandards.  You can go to our website here.

OAGi Work Programs Update

AIA and EBO Migration Working Group

This new Working Group has begun their work and is working to provide an intake, review and migration process for Oracle submission of Application Integration Architecture Enterprise Object Library common XSDs and Identify overlaps with existing OAGIS capabilities.

It is planned to do this over a series of OAGIS releases.
The Members of this Working Group includes:
Land O'Lakes

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Archer Daniels Midland

Quality Content Working Group

The Quality Content Working Group successfully delivered their first phase for OAGIS Release 10.2. They have started work on follow on work planned for OAGIS Release 10.3.

The QC WG is now focusing on new capabilities to support the Corrective Action process, either triggered by multiple ItemNonconformance(s), or trending based on alerts from Statistical Process Control rules.

The current thinking is to publish three new nouns:




Semantic Refinement WG

The Working Group Chair for the Semantic Refinement WG is Serm Kulvatunyou from NIST.

This working Group is making terrific progress and has already designed the database and
imported OAGIS.  An Alpha version of the DBMS with OAGIS has been released to one Working Group member to do more testing. 

They are now building the software tools to view the database, build the
context mechanisms, and to extract expressions of OAGIS using context mechanisms.

The Working Group members include:


Serm Kulvatunyou - Workgroup Chair
Nenad Ivezic
Taehun Kim

Hakju Oh


Satish Ramanathan
Mike Rowell - Workgroup co-Chair


Jeff Rice

Roger Hills

Kevin Himka

Jerry Gersgman


Jim Wilson
David Connelly

You can download the Project Definition for this Working Group

Smart Manufacturing WG

The Working Group is developing a Business Process Catalog and also also building a
context-Driven Business Process Description. They are reviewing the Zachman framework for developing Context Descriptions.

Members include:

Nenad Ivezic from NIST, Chair
Kulvatunyou from NIST, Co-Chair
Conrad Leiva, iBASEt
Scott Nieman, Land O'Lakes

Miroslav Ljubicic, NIST

Mobile, Cloud, and JSON Working Group - OAGIS JSON Naming and Design Rules and REST API Design Guide has been completed

Recently the Working Group has decided to to focus on The Internet of Things(IoT).  The world is evolving from the Cloud and Mobile connections to connections to many kinds of items.

We are seeing intelligent machines on the plant floor, connected mobile devices of every kind, connections to automobiles, farming combines, drones, and more.

Our recently released OAGIS JSON Naming and Design Rules and REST API Design Guide is a
terrific enabler to using OAGIS as the data objects in these applications and Application
Progamming Interfaces (API's).

This work will complement the Smart Manufacturing Workings Group.

Invitation to Participate:

We invite all members to join us and if you are interested in any of the programs above,
please write to us at

OAGi on You Tube!

Don't forget OAGi Staff have started up an OAGi You Tube channel where they will be
uploading learning mechanisms around OAGi, OAGIS, B2B, Mobile, Cloud, and other interoperability topics.

There are two parts to the Channel:

OAGIS for new users
OAGIS Information

You can find us on You Tube here
We invite you to go look around, follow the Channels, and to send us your feedback and ideas.

Meeting Calendar for 2016

Our planned calendar for 2016 is below.  We are also planning a series of webinars and
I encourage you to look for the announcements.

Policy Board Meeting

April 19, 2016


Gaithersburg, Maryland

Plenary and Working Groups

April 20 and 21, 2016


Gaithersburg, Maryland


Policy Board Meeting

November 16, 2016


Redwood Shores, CA, USA

Plenary and Working Groups

November 17 - 18, 2016


Redwood Shores, CA, USA


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